Orcoursetrion (a.k.a. Automatic Course Provisioning X)

Automatic course provisioning for the edx-platform using github and zendesk.

Quick Start

To get started, clone the repository, and run pip install . or just install directory from github.com with pip install git+https://github.com/mitodl/orcoursetrion.

Once installed, create or acquire an OAUTH2 token from github. That at least has the repo, write:repo_hook, and write:org permissions.

Add the environment variable ORC_GH_OAUTH2_TOKEN=<your token> to your environment, and run orcoursetrion --help for available commands and actions.

If you are adding an XML course, you will also need to define ORC_STAGING_GITRELOAD in your environment for where Web hooks should be sent for push events.