Orcoursetrion (a.k.a. Automatic Course Provisioning X)

https://readthedocs.org/projects/orcoursetrion/badge/?version=latest https://readthedocs.org/projects/orcoursetrion/badge/?version=release

Automatic course provisioning for the edx-platform using github and zendesk.

Quick Start

To install the latest release, run pip install orcoursetrion.

If you want to be on the development edge (generally stable), clone the repository, and run pip install . or just install directory from github.com with pip install git+https://github.com/mitodl/orcoursetrion.

Once installed, create or acquire an OAUTH2 token from github. That at least has the repo, write:repo_hook, admin:org, and write:org permissions.

Add the environment variable ORC_GH_OAUTH2_TOKEN=<your token> to your environment, and run orcoursetrion --help for available commands and actions.

If you are adding an XML course, you will also need to define ORC_STAGING_GITRELOAD in your environment for where Web hooks should be sent for push events.


There are a few other environment variables to add if you want to use the release command, or if you would like orcoursetrion’s commits to be from on particular user.

ORC_PRODUCTION_GITRELOAD for where Web hooks related to a production run of your course should be sent for push events.

ORC_GH_NAME for how you want commits from orcoursetrion to be identified.

ORC_GH_EMAIL for what email address you want associated with commits from orcoursetrion.